The game has started! You can read about 1900 and 1901 in the "campaign" section!


In the past few weeks I had taken up the bad habit of working on the project and the webpage without actually pointing it out here on the main page; and what's a "work" without a report? To make up for this somewhat, here is a small, one-hour-worth-of-side-stuff with the model of the now basically finished Donau-class - strictly independently of the I&I's actual "world", just for fun!


Greetings! In the last few days I tweaked things a little, although this still does not mean that the page will work on for example a mobile phone, but now it will not work a bit prettier! The reason for the Grand Celebration is however that the first surface vessel of the campaign got commissioned! Check her out by clicking on the title picture just below here. The campaign itself still requires some more testing, maybe a bit of waiting for a patch or two before the start, and of course, the completion of the legacy ships right after. Even before that though, there is a pending dutch order our yard needs to finish. Looking forward to that!


Time sure flies, huh. Either way, the page is shaping up nicely (and by "nicely" I mean "I somehow managed to get it to work under very specific circumstances and after a few goat sacrifices). New sections include data sheets, logs, a cozy place for paint schemes (example below) and such - and hopefully, not much more because my campaign did not even start yet, but I already managed to get myself into way too much stuff.


Greetings! Things are shaping up - somewhat. The "Campaign" menu got a bit fleshed out; put together a sample "datasheet" for a ship that will hopefully aid in visualizing my campaign in the future; and a few minor tweaks and additions here and there. I am proud to announce that the entire site is still solely held together by naught but duct tape. ...still, I rendered a silly picture of two minesweepers on excercise with a lovely flavour of the early nineties' cheap CGI. Fits the page perfectly!


I continued to fill up this absolute hack job of a site with more content. I dread the thought how it could look like under any kind of sub-optimal circumstances or preferences, let alone on mobile phone, but the show must go on! :) Today's random picture - a work-in-progress floatplane (based on the Hansa-Brandenburg W.29)


Managed to set up a CSS file instead of individual page formatting - of course, I did not take the effort to actually learn CSS formatting, instead I figured out enough just so I can rip off anyting I encounter and tape it to my own pages. Wooho! God only knows why, but things seem to work. Kind of. Onwards to being really pretty looking less miserable!
To celebrate that, you can download a small diagram I put together with some elements originally made to illustrate a hypothetical (as of yet?) RtW2 guide/manual.


Welcome! Currently the functioning pages are: "Main page" and "About the project".